Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We had a mostly lovely father's day,
A much desired jaunt to church, lunch out at our favorite Mexican restaurant,
An olympic sized nap,
a call from a friend who had two extra tickets to an outdoor concert and invited us along.

I was determined to go because that was the type of thing we would have loved to
do together back in our pre-pregnacy days, and I'm trying to still be that spontaneous
girl that Brandon fell in love with

The concert was let's just say, NOT my cup of tea.
It was a horribly loud reggae/punk band
where we huddled together under drizzles of rain and tried to stay warm
amidst a sea of teens painted in green with the words "Legalize it 2010"

I literally held a scarf over my face the entire time so as not to inhale any drifting smoke
Somehow I managed to make it through to the end.. Only because this friend later disclosed
that he needed $40.00 for the tickets, and Brandon was determined to get his monies worth...

It was very interesting to say the least.  I realized that I never EVER want this baby
to become a teenager. Yikes.

Today is yet another rainy day, depressing mostly because two weekends ago we planted grass, and oh was it laborous! Every day we rush home from work to peek at any signs of life. But with all this rain, things aren't looking very good.

I am in the process of spring cleaning, which means the house is half spotless, half disaster area.  I have this crazy problem where if I'm going to take the time to clean, I'm going to do it right, meaning I have to deep clean and organize everything at the same time. Everything I own must come out of the woodwork, so the house gets so much worse before it gets better.

Hopefully it gets better before friday.  I have ten members of my family coming for a visit since my nieces are playing at Hoopfest this weekend.  I'm so, so excited! Brandon is also going to be the best man in his cousin's wedding on Saturday.

I'm heading into my last trimester (Can you believe it?) I am less than comfortable, but happy nonetheless.
Here are a few things that are helping me get by:

OPI nail color in "Significant Other"
I'm not a purple person, in fact I'm not usually a nailcolor person, but when I'm
feeling less than attractive, this opalescent color is sophisiticated and subtle enough
to do the trick. 

Oh, and gaucho pants.  Yes, I know they are so three years ago, but with my ever changing waistline they are so comfy and convenient.  And they go with everything.
Wow, June has been such a busy month! and if this month is indicitive at all, the rest of the summer is sure to fly by, and Gage will be here before we know it!

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